About Us

About Us

We commit to your mattress production,
day after day

Who we are

We manufacture quilting and hemming machine for mattress, duvet and clothing industry. We invent and reinvent strategies for quilting with greater quality and efficiency.

Our team

We are a team dedicated to the creation of truly technological and innovative techniques and solutions, which promote a new approach to quilting machine. For this, we have an experienced R&D department in the areas of Automation, Mechatronics, Electricity and Industrial Design.

What motivates us

To explore techniques and strategies that make it possible to do more with less. We believe that the secret to a high level of productivity is in the detail, in the pre-production, in the study of operator ergonomics, to produce more, with less human effort, less financial cost and in less time.

For over 20 years
making your challenges our own.


Innovation plays a central role in our commitment, hence our continuous effort to create a complete line of equipment, able to fully automate your mattress manufacturing process.


Our mission is deeply integrated with excellence: to collaborate, analyze and develop the most varied solutions to guarantee greater added value to your mattress.


Ensuring our customers a high level of productivity, this is our focus. For this, we interpret your needs, provide efficient solutions and combine constant operational and technical training, allowing the equipment to work continuously without interruptions.

Industry 4.0

We believe that Industry 4.0 should be applied thinking about people, about the operator, allowing him to increase his capabilities and free him for more strategic jobs, by collecting and processing data in real time that facilitate his decision-making process.

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