Mattress Multi-Needle Quilting Machine

IUSYS M301a ….a multi-needle capable of producing quilted top

panels that very much resemble a top panel to top panel

Simplified production

IUSYS M301a centralizes the top panel, allowing not only the exact adjustment to the desired measure, but the homogeneity of all top panels.

High quality

IUSYS M301a enables excellent continuous quilting up to 80mm.

High Productivity

Ability to achieve high sewing speed and productivity, up to 1200RPM.

Industry 4.0

Integrated in the current industrial revolution, IUSYS M301a interacts full time with the operator, allowing him to receive information in real time, anticipate actions and increase his productive capability.


IUSYS MA301 chain stitching (Chainstitch), with a support for large cones, thus increasing the continuous production time.

Complementary information

Adjust, adapt and configure the IUSYS M301a according to your production needs.

Simplified production

Get centered and homogeneous top panels

IUSYS M301a opens a new window to the creation of centralized and homogeneous quilts, by making it possible to measure the cut and transversal hem, ensuring tops with the ideal dimensions and with centralized designs.

High quality

Quilt up to 80mm

IUSYS M301a is prepared to work quilts up to 80mm in height, quilting continuously from the most basic to the most advanced models, with multiple combinations of materials, such as: stretch, latex, viscoelastic, polyester, foam, wool and cotton.

High Productivity

Optimize every second of your production

IUSYS M301a is designed to enhance and optimize your production. This machine joins two activities that used to be done separately, cutting and hemming, thus removing the need for an extra operator, while allowing the tops to be easily positioned on the mattress and closed more quickly.

Industry 4.0

Extract maximum profitability from all your operators

IUSYS M301a with its ergonomics privileges the ability to keep the operator motivated, by providing information in real time that allows him to anticipate tasks and perform them while the machine is running, enabling continuous work. The anticipation of routine activities makes them less stressful and fatiguing, providing the operator with greater comfort and safety for efficient performance.

A safe investment

The IUSYS M301a is equipped with Omron, JUKI, Siemens, Igus and Weidmüller, brands that have long secured their place on the market and that today guarantee replacement parts that can be found on the market for 20 years or more, thus guaranteeing an investment that endures over time.


Ensure high-speed production

IUSYS MA301 chain stitching (Chainstitch), with a support for large cones, thus increasing the continuous production time.

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Complementary information

Information IUSYS M301a

Multi-needle quilting machine


Quilting width: ≤2400mm

Quilting height (Customized): ≤80 mm

Needle type: 140/22 160/23 180/24

Maximum speed: 1200 RPM

Stitch width: 1 – 6 mm

Output: 20-250 m/h

Approximate weight 6672 kg

Maximum power: 8.0 kw

Voltage: 380V 50HZ

Total Dimension: 8815x5900x2470mm