Automatic Mattress Wrapping, Folding and Rolling Machine

IUSYS PR210… Fold and roll mattresses into an ideal package

for shipping, e-commerce and retail

Automate Packaging

IUSYS PR210 automates the packaging process, with several execution modules: Pack, Compress and Roll or Compress, Fold and Roll.


The compacting press guarantees consistent compression of up to 100 tons, providing a safe finish for your products (maximum size: 2100x2100x400mm).


Heat sealing bars seal the polyester film and ensure the compression of the mattress.


IUSYS PR210 allows you to fold the mattress both vertically and horizontally, creating a higher or lower packing height as desired.


IUSYS PR210 rolls the mattresses to a preset size, allowing the mattresses to expand naturally to final specifications without forcing.

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Adjust, adapt and configure the IUSYS PR210 according to your production needs.

Automate Packaging

High Productivity

IUSYS PR210 is designed to enhance and optimize your production. This compacting, folding and rolling system allows you to produce up to 500 mattresses per shift (8 hours).


Same machine, various components. With the IUSYS PR210 range we meet all today’s needs.


Compacting Press

The IUSYS PR210 is equipped with a compacting press controlled at all four corners, thus ensuring uniform pressure over the entire mattress surface.


Compression and Blocking

The IUSYS PR210 consists of heat-sealing bars, which block compression of the mattress and keep the package sealed and secure.


Horizontal/vertical Folding

Always emphasizing the automation of the packaging process, IUSYS PR210 allows you to create the ideal packaging for various markets. With a module that allows two options, folding the mattress vertically or horizontally, creating a higher or lower packaging height according to the desired.


Maximum Reduction

The mattresses are rolled and packed directly into a polyethylene bag, so the dimension is minimal and it is possible to get rolled mattresses with a diameter of between 22-50 cm (fixed diameter at your choice).

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Complete range for any mattress.

Information IUSYS PR210

Automatic Mattress Wrapping, Compressing, Folding and Rolling Machine

Pressure plate size: 2100mm x 2100mm

Maximum pressure: 100T

Max. size Mattress: 2100 x 2100 x 400mm

Efficiency: 35s/pcs

Diameter: Adjustable (22-50cm)

Total power: 46 Kw

Foam density: ≥ 25kgs/ m³, ≤65kgs/ m³

Voltage: 380V/ 50Hz

Total weight: 20000Kg

Overall size: 14422 x 3377 x 2830 mm