Mattress Hemming Machine

IUSYS S4s-A … cuts and hems with the certainty of an increase

in effective productivity

High quality

IUSYS S4s-A enables excellent quilting even at a height of 100mm, without generating pleats.

High Productivity

Equipped with three high performance JUKI heads, the IUSYS S4s-A is capable of reaching 16m/m of sewing, reaching the mark of 3 top panels/m.

Simplified production

IUSYS S4s-A has the ability to cut and hem at the same time, allowing the entire production to be simplified by replacing two processes with one.

Industry 4.0

IUSYS S4s-A interacts full time with the operator, allowing him to receive information in real time, anticipate actions and increase his productive capability.


IUSYS S4s-A chain sewing (Chainstitch), with a support for large cones, thus increasing the continuous production time.

Complementary information

Ability to adjust and configure the IUSYS S4s-A according to your production needs.

High quality

Work connected with your Multi-Needle

IUSYS S4s-A is dimensionally and structurally designed to be replaced directly by its cutting system, having a more complete equipment, cutting and hemming, without the need for additional space.

Hemming up to 100mm

With the growing demand of the market for ever higher mattresses, IUSYS S4s-A is prepared to work with hemmings up to 100mm in height with multiple combinations of materials, such as: stretch, latex, viscoelastic, polyester, foam, wool and cotton.

Hem with aligned, precise seams

IUSYS S4s-A hems laterally and transversely, with only 20mm of surplus material on the sides, giving perfectly aligned and precise seams to your quilt.

High Productivity

Exceed mark of 30 top panels/h

USYS S4s-A hems laterally and transversely, reaching and sometimes exceeding
the mark of 30 top panels/h, providing perfectly aligned and precise seams to your quilt.

Optimize every second of your production

IUSYS S4s-A when associated with the IUSYS M301a, enhances and optimizes your production, combining two activities that used to be done separately, cutting and hemming, thus removing the need for an extra operator and ensuring that the top is automatically ready in one go.

Get 20% off each mattress

The differences between a cut top panel and a cut and hemmed top panel are visible. IUSYS S4s-A cuts and hems at the same time, allowing for an efficiency gain of 20%, by facilitating the positioning and closing of each mattress.

Simplified production

Border… For what?

IUSYS S4s-A opens a new window to the creation of fully differentiated and distinct quilts. The outer edge for the purpose of positioning and closing the mattress is now unnecessary, because when cutting and hemming the dimensioning and positioning of the top panel is ensured.

Get 40mm of quilting on each top panel

Have zero waste between padded top panels, because with IUSYS S4s-A the end of one top panel is the beginning of the other, thus removing the need for a 20mm surplus on each side of the top panel so that the operator can adjust and close the mattress.

Industry 4.0

Don’t depend on an experienced operator for hemming

Hemming a top panel is a task usually performed by an experienced operator, but not with the IUSYS S4s-A. This equipment cuts and hems at the same time, with the exact dimensions of the top panel, eliminates the need to accumulate the task of manually quilting and allowing you to take advantage of your multi-needle operator.

A safe investment

The IUSYS S4s-A is equipped with Omron, JUKI, Siemens, Igus and Weidmüller, brands that have long secured their place on the market and that today guarantee replacement parts that can be found on the market for 20 years or more, thus guaranteeing an investment that endures over time.


Ensure high-speed production

IUSYS S4s-A chain stitching (Chainstitch), eliminating the need for permanent lower thread changes and increasing productivity.

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Complementary information

Information IUSYS S4s-A

Hemming and cutting machine from your multi-needle or roller

Useful work area | Length = X | Width = Y: 2400mm x 2400mm

Number of stitches per minute: até 2500rpm

Stitch width:1 a 8mm

Maximum sewing speed up 15m/m – 2-3 tops per minute (reference value for tops of 200cm x 200cm)


3 Juki heads (Japan) chain stitch for 4 sewing threads and 6 positions with a space between them of 6.35mm

Presser foot with synchronized movement with needle and with a lifting of up to 20mm in height from the base

Automatic overhead needle positioning

Side seams

2 Side sewing heads

2 260mm cutting discs (side heads)

2 Pneumatic disc lift systems

Fine tuning system for regulation between cutting and sewing

Cross Stitching

1 Cross stitch head

Automatic sewing end cutting system

1 130mm cutting disc

Polychromatic touch screen

Speed ​​control

Adjusting stitch length and speed

Cut measurement by encoder or photocell

Automatic / Semi-Automatic / Manual Selection

Allows you to work a padding up to 100mm in height

Electronic side disc adjustment systems

System for connecting with the Multi-Needle machine

Roll unwinding system up to 1m Diam

Counting system by encoder 150mm to 9999mm

Counting system for roll up to 99m

Waste extraction system for bag

Automatic table top stacker – view more

Approximate weight 1900 Kg

Maximum power 4.5kW

Voltage 380V + III + T 50/60 Hz

Air pressure 6 bar